About Us

Pro Rug has been providing cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients for over a decade. We are a leading experts in carpet, rug cleaning and restoration services as well as moth upholstery and floor cleaning solutions. Give us a call, get a free estimate, and let us schedule a 100% satisfaction guarantee cleaning job for you.

We only work with experienced technicians who have undergone complex IICRC training at the highest standards in the industry. Rest assured your precious Oriental rugs, upholstered furniture, tile and grout, and hardwood floors will reach the hands of some very talented, skilled, and dedicated people.

We Are Fully Certified, Insured, and Experienced Rug Cleaners

Rely on Rug Pro for expert area rug cleaning services at affordable prices that can match your most complex or urgent cleaning needs. All the technicians we work with have the right know-how and hands-on experience needed to tackle any type of Oriental rug cleaning job, no matter what kind of rug weaving, yarn, and color dyes you might need assistance with.

We only employ fully trained and certified IICRC cleaners who have earned their certification after completing advanced courses and passing difficult exams. We hire cleaners who are certified as Master Textile Cleaners, Carpet Repair and Reinstallation experts, Carpet Cleaning Technicians, Wood and Laminate Flooring Inspectors or Senior Carpet Inspectors. Caret Inspectors, for instance, specialize in standard investigation techniques that can be applied on all types of floor coverings, with emphasis on the construction of the yarn, the fibers, the overall construction of the rugs, along with lab tests and the use of various inspection methodologies.

We hire both credentialed and practicing senior carpet inspectors who are either experts in working with a single manufacturer and who specialize in carpet claims and defects, or who can complete unbiased inspections for various manufacturers.

Rest assured that you will always benefit from fully licensed and insured and/or bonded services that will guarantee the highest levels of quality on all cleaning, disinfecting, and restoration jobs.

It is essential to only work with top-quality cleaners when you need help with deep cleaning your precious area rugs that have been in the family for many generations, or your expensive Oriental rugs that you have invested thousands of dollars in. restoring old and damaged rugs and prolonging the life will help you keep enjoying them for many more years to come, saving you money on replacements. Choose our professional area rug steam cleaning team and rest assured you will only benefit from the friendliest, most knowledgeable, talented, skilled, and innovative cleaners in the industry.

We never initiate any rug cleaning job without performing a detailed inspection and establishing a few possible solutions that we will then discuss with you in order to make sure you are fully familiar with what we plan on doing and make sure to have your full consent.

We specialize in both home and business area rug cleaning solutions and make sure to leave them free of germs, viruses, bacteria, mold, pollen, and allergens, including the Covid-19 virus. We also specialize in all types of simple and colored tile and grout cleaning and restoration, along with wood floor cleaning options that guarantee to bring back your old, dull, damaged, and stained floors back to life.

While we use our best knowledge and past practical experiences to decide upon the best cleaning methods for any of your hard or soft surfaces, furniture upholstery included, we also follow the strict industry guidelines and manufacturer instructions to prevent any unwanted damage to your precious rugs.

Organic, Eco-Friendly Area Rug Cleaning Solutions

We are not only fully concerned with coming across the most efficient cleaning procedures that can bring back the lost shine and life in your dull and dirty rugs, but we are also full supporters of the green eco-friendly movement. Accordingly, we strive to only work with the safest organic cleaners that are free from harsh, toxic, and allergenic chemicals. We can clean upholstered furniture, area rugs, and all types of floors using reliable products that will limit our carbon footprint, while preserving and promoting the health and well being of all of our clients.

We specialize in all types of area rugs, including, but not limited to Persian, Pakistani, Turkish, Chinese Art Deco, Flokati, kilim, animal skin, wool, silk rugs, and many more. We usually rely on organic, hand-washing methods natural air-drying, as well as steam cleaning and hot water extraction, whenever possible.

Affordable Upholstery, Floor, and Area Rug Cleaning Prices

Whether you need moth control services for a severe moth infestation problem at home, you need your oak or mahogany floors restored, or your Oriental rugs deep cleaned, we are here to assist you. We charge the most affordable area rug cleaning prices in the area and we also specialize in stain and odor removal solutions, including pet waste problems, moth damage cleaning, stain eradication, and the entire array fo disinfecting and sanitation services for residential and commercial clients.

Give us a call, get a free price estimate, and let us schedule a state-of-the-art cleaning job for you at the most convenient prices in town!