Professional Floor Cleaning Services

Most people invest in luxury vinyl tile and authentic wooden floors for their high-quality, comfort, and beauty. Hard surface floors come in a variety of appealing designs, colors, patterns, and construction materials. They usually feature expanded lifespans, lasing for dozens of years or more, as long as their upkeep is done professionally and periodically.

Rug Pro specializes in expert tile and grout and floor cleaning solutions that can effectively cater to the needs of residential and commercial clients. We provide 100% efficient, reliable, and safe floor cleaning methods that will leave your expensive floors looking clean, restored, disinfected, and healthy-looking.

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Tile and Grout and Wood Floor Cleaning Services We Offer

Rug Pro specializes in floor cleaning, stain removal, disinfecting, repair, restoration, and maintenance solutions for all types of hard surface floors. We only employ IICRC-certified technicians that can bring back the lost cleanliness, shine, and beauty in your dirty and stained floors, while saving you thousands of dollars in replacements.

Our staff is made entirely from fully certified, licensed, insured and/or bonded cleaners that know how to inspect, assess, and clean your floors without any risk of damage. We can provide you with the entire array of floor cleaning solutions for both home and business needs, including the following:

  • tile and grout cleaning and disinfecting solutions
  • countertop, tabletop, and backsplash cleaning services
  • hardwood floor cleaning solutions
  • grout cleaning and sealing
  • damaged floor repair
  • complete floor restoration
  • environmentally-friendly cleaning and stain removal solutions
  • continuous floor maintenance services

Give us a call, inform us about you exact needs, no matter how urgent, complex, or simple, and we will provide you with the best floor cleaning services in the area at affordable prices. Give us a call and we will gladly answer your every question and issue recommendations for your exact needs, so you will always benefit from the most reliable and efficient services possible.

Types of floors we specialize in cleaning:

  • all models of tile and grout, including simple and colored
  • hardwood floors
  • granite
  • marble
  • travertine
  • concrete floors inside garages
  • ceramic
  • marble
  • terrazzo
  • mosaic
  • limestone
  • vinyl

If you cannot find the exact type of floor in the list above, or you are not sure what kind of materials your hard surface floors are made from, give us a call. We can send over an expert team of floor cleaners who will rapidly inspect your floors and assess your exact cleaning needs. We can rapidly remove all types of stains, no matter how old or fresh, and thoroughly clean deeply stained and dirty grout and floor panels that have not been cleaned in years.

Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning Solutions

We rely on advanced steam cleaners that allow us to provide deep cleaning and disinfecting solutions for all types of compatible floors, including tile and grout and hardwood floors. We have specialized in an advanced cleaning procedure that allows us to leave zero blotches and streaks behind and we know how to recognize floors that have not been sealed in the past. These types of floors cannot withstand the same steam cleaning process, which means that our technicians will need to use a different cleaning method instead.

It is extremely important for a professional floor cleaner to be able to understand when high temperatures or excess moisture could potentially cause damage or wreak havoc on the floors and avoid using those cleaning techniques that could lead to this type of problem. Hire us and you can rest assured that you will not need to worry about your precious bathroom or kitchen tile and grout suffering from poor cleaning decisions.

Our experts will always thoroughly assess the materials that your tile is made from and make sure to closely follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, along with their hands-on experience and industry know-how for the most powerful synergy. We guarantee a damage-free tile and grout cleaning job every time. If, for whatever reason, you are not entirely satisfied with our work, we will come back and make sure to fix whatever might need fixing on our own expense.

We use steam cleaning, quality microfiber cloths, manual scrubbing with the help of expert grout brushing tools. Our technicians will always scrub the grout and use special eco-friendly cleaners to make sure all the stuck dirt will break up with ease. We also rely on professional floor buffer machine scrubbers with several cleaning brush heads that will help us reach any kind of secluded and hard to access area.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

We specialize in cleaning and disinfecting all known types of hardwood floors, including cherry, oak, mahogany, mahogany, walnut, maple, or bamboo. We can assist you with the following wood floor cleaning solutions:

  • hardwood floor steam cleaning
  • manual floor scrubbing with expert brushes
  • floor panel restoration and repairs
  • Scotchgard solutions for expanded lifespan
  • cracked panel repair services

Affordable Floor Cleaning Prices

We offer free free price quotes and we charge the most convenient hardwood floor and tile and grout cleaning prices in town. We guarantee we can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in floor replacement for your home or business space.

Get in touch with us right now and allow us to help you enjoy your lush, shiny, comfortable, and beautiful floors once again!