Mold Remediation Services

Rug Pro is your go-to cleaning pro in all areas. We specialize in the entire array of disinfecting and sanitation services and we are fully certified to offer mold remediation services. Our licensed, insured, and/or bonded technicians can come over, test your surfaces, take samples and offer efficient mold remediation on the spot.

We are also prepared to assist you with any mold stain removal, cleaning, and disinfecting services you might need after mold containment. Here is what you can expect from us.

We Cover All Types of Mold Remediation Services

We only hire and train Mold Removal Specialists (MRS) who have passed their Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications exams and obtained their certificates for mold cleaning. They have all spent at least one year cleaning and eradicating mold from homes and business venues before being allowed to take the MRS class and exam at the end of it. They have also gathered many extra years of experience decontaminating carpeting, mattresses, upholstery, tile and grout, and HVAC systems from allergenic, toxic, or pathogenic mold spores.

All the mold experts we work with know how to test and inspect the quality of the indoor air, determine the exact type of mold that has colonized your surfaces, remove, contain, disinfect, and apply protectors that can delay future contamination. We also offer professional advice on how mold prevention. Given the fact that mold is naturally found in nature and can easily find its way inside your home or commercial space in a variety of ways, it is critical to know just what to do to stop it from becoming a serious problem.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • test the quality of the air inside your home or business space
  • assess the extent and severity of the mold contamination
  • determine the type of mold that has taken over your property
  • offer mold remediation solutions for bathtubs, tile and grout, shower, and toilets
  • remove mold from carpets, areas rugs, upholstered furniture and mattress
  • basement mold removal
  • cooling and heating air duct, HVAC and A/C system mold cleaning
  • air vent mold cleaning

We Are Geared Up and Ready To Kill 100% of Mold Spores

Given the potential risks that exposure to mold can have on one’s health, our technicians know how to protect themselves against accidental mold spore ingestion, inhalation, or touching. This is why they always wear professional equipment for any job, no matter how quick and simple. The lost of potential effects of mold exposure include allergies, breathing difficulties, rashes, headaches, or dizziness. All the mold cleaners we work with use quality N-95 respirators, vinyl gloves, and full protective suits. They also rely on top-tier cleaning gear including High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuums and air scrubbers, powerful steam cleaners, air dehumidifiers, EPA-approved cleaners and disinfectants, and a plethora of eco-friendly cleaning products suitable on all surfaces in households with small children and pets.

HAVC Mold Remediation

If needed, we may first complete a mold or air quality test to determine the severity of the problem. When the mold is expanded enough to become visible to the naked eye, we usually skip this step and move straight to deciding which products to use. We begin by using mechanical coil cleaning systems to eliminate all traces of liquid and dampness. Our cleaners use special isolating solutions to stop the spread of tiny spores from stirring up and moving around the house. They also provide containment solutions with double bags made of thick plastic vacuum.

Be advised that there are hundreds of different types of mold spores in nature. Toxic mold is the most toxic type of mold that should always be cleaned with the help of professionals. Pathogenic and allergenic mold are known for being less harmful. However, they should also be removed on time before they expand in large colonies.

Our expert A/C and HAVC mold removal experts rely on fully approved EPA cleaning products for non-porous surfaces such as ductwork, coils, and pans. They also use environmentally-friendly mold cleaners that can eliminate bad mold odors and help you breathe fresh and clean air at the house or business venue once again. We finish every HVAC mold removal job by applying EPA disinfectants for fogging the space and follow through with mold inhibitors and mold control products to prevent future growth.

Bathroom Mold Cleaning

We also specialize in tile and grout mold removal and disinfecting with EPA-approved products. Our technicians own powerful steam cleaners that rely on water to eliminate all traces of mold spores, debris, dirt, and stains in the shower, bathtub, and around the toilet, or sink.

Carpet and Mattress Mold Remediation

As the number one carpet cleaner in town, we guarantee you are going to be fully satisfied with our mold removal, cleaning, disinfecting, stain removal, and deodorizing work.

Competitive Mold Removal Prices & Free Quotes

We provide the most competitive home and business mold removal and mold cleaning services in the area. We warmly invite you to get in touch with us and get your free, transparent, and comprehensive price estimate, and find out why our prices are unbeatable.

Do not hesitate to contact us no matter what kind of a mold cleaning and remediation job you might need assistance with. We are here to make sure you will quickly enjoy fresh and clean air and disinfected surfaces inside your home or business space.

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