Moth Control and Moth Damage Cleaning

Rug Pro is your go-to moth control and moth damage repair service in town. We specialize in the entire array of moth solutions for area rugs and upholstery and we can help you easily tale back your dirty, stained, or torn carpeting and furniture rugs and furniture after a moth infestation, no matter how severe.

Give us a call today and let us assist you with limiting the moth damage in your home while helping you enjoy clean, plush, and fresh Oriental rugs and upholstery once again.

Popular Moth Control Services We Are Hired To Do

  • moth assessment inspection
  • moth damage repair services
  • area rug and furniture restoration solutions after moth infestation
  • moth larvae and adult moth vacuuming
  • upholstered furniture cleaning and disinfecting
  • post moth infestation stain and odor removal solutions

Moth Damage Explained

While carpet moths are the main types of insects responsible for area rug, upholstery, drapery or curtain damage at home or at the workplace, there are other moth species as well as other insects that could wreak havoc on your carpeting, if the problem is left untreated for too long.

Carpet moths feed with natural wool, cotton, and silk fibers normally found in your favorite clothes, area rugs due, and upholstered furniture items. This is due to the large amounts of protein these items are known to contain.

Unfortunately, moths are dangerous and harmful in all their life stages, whether as larvae or adults. They can lead to potentially harmful and unhealthy organic residue build-up forming in the foundation of your carpeting or the cracks and crevices of your upholstered furniture. This is why it is mandatory to hire expert moth control and moth removal cleaners that can tackle the effects of moth infestation as soon as possible.

Moths can be difficult to observe as they choose very inconspicuous areas in dark and hidden areas with high levels of humidity and they could easily use the space beneath your area rugs or behind your sofas as shelters you could know nothing about. Our trained moth damage cleaners specialize in advanced moth inspection and identification. They know just what to look and what signs of a potential moth infestation to look for.

If you have already started to notice small holes or tears in your armchairs, sofas, or rugs while deep cleaning or dusting them, your home has most likely already fallen victim to a moth infestation you will need to take care of straight away.

If you own antique oriental rugs made of wool, natural cotton, silk, and other types of natural yarns,  and fibers that moths prefer for feeding, you could risk seeing your rugs suffer severe and sometimes irreparable damage that will incur high restoration or replacement costs.

We are here to assist you with the exact moth cleaning services you are looking for, as well as advanced surface disinfection solutions, stain and odor removal that should help you save your rugs before it is too late.

Moth Damage Control Solutions

We are your go-to moth damage control and moth cleaning experts certified by the reputable IICRC body that guarantees our skilled and highly trained technicians and experienced know-how in all moth cleaning and moth damage matters. We have been trained to carefully inspect and determine the degree of the damage and use the highest compatible solutions that will match your custom needs. We have a deep understanding of the uniqueness of each area rug that reaches it and we can recommend and apply the best cleaning and disinfecting practices necessary as part of our moth damage control techniques.

We can replace missing pieces of yarn as a result of moth damage with the help of manual stitching or glueing procedures with matching fibers and yarn from older rugs. We pay close attention to the patterns and the color dyes in your rugs and make sure to only work with matching yarns and waves for the re-patching, re-weaving, or re-piling techniques.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Services

Our trained technicians mostly work with steam cleaning machines and cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and do not contain any harsh chemicals or toxins that could affect the structure of the rugs or upholstery or the health of your children, pets, or the well-being of the planet.

We use hot water extraction that allows us to reach deep into the affected areas and remove all moth residue, including any stains and spots caused by moths. This step of the process is preceded by thorough and detailed dusting that will be repeated as many times as necessary to remove all traces of moth larvae, dead adult moth, as well as the rest of debris caused by moth infestation.

Next, we will use the most suitable type of steam cleaner that will match the items you will need to clean and disinfect.

Affordable Moth Cleaning Prices

We do not only offer free and fully comprehensive price estimates on all our moth control and moth damage cleaning services for residential and commercial clients, but we also charge the most competitive and convenient moth cleaning service prices in town.

Get in touch with us, ask for a free quote and allow us to schedule the exact moth damage repair and rug moth control services you need at a fraction of the cost of replacement.