Professional Silk Rug Cleaning and Restoration

Silk rug cleaning is one of the most complex and difficult tasks that a professional carpet cleaner could be asked to do given the very sensitive and gentle nature of silk fibers and their peculiarities, special attention must be given during the vacuuming, washing, and drying, as to prevent potentially irreparable damage. Rug Pro silk rug cleaners specialize in cleaning, restoring, and repairing all types of silk area rugs and carpets.  Give us a call today, get your free price quote and allow us to bring back the lost beauty and charm in your precious silk rugs.

Silk Area Rug Cleaning Services We offer

The precious natural silk fibers are produced by the larvae of silkworms and they contain lots of fribroin, giving them their natural luster and shine when refracting light. Unfortunately, when hot water reaches the fibroins, they will begin to automatically lose their strength by approximately 20%. Some silk rugs are made from artificially produced silk fibers, even though they do not preserve the same special properties of natural silk and their overall quality is considered lower.

No matter if you own an antique silk rug for prayer that has been running in your family from one generation to the next, or you own a Silk rug that is covered in unsightly food stains and drink spills, we are here to help.

We rely on the safest, pre-tested cleaning methods suitable for all types of silk rugs, with proven results. We only employ cleaning technicians who have obtained their IICRC certification, which means they are qualified for any job, no matter how complex and difficult.

Here are some of the most popular rug carpet cleaning and restoration services we are hired to do:

  • wet and dry silk rug washing
  • silk rug vacuuming
  • stain and spot removal
  • cost-free estimates
  • restoration and repair work on damaged silk rugs
  • silk rug deodorizing and maintenance

Our technicians are experts when it comes to performing thorough assessments of the current state of a rug and determining the type of stain removal products and cleaning techniques that would best match its needs. While DIY silk rug cleaning methods might work in some cases when the carpets have not been subject to a lot of dirt or staining, it is always safer to rely on the expertise and long years of experience and training that a professional carpet cleaning company can bring to the table. To avoid any type of damage and considerably lower the risk of your rugs suffering any type of structural problem, give us a call and allow us to tackle the job for you.

Our Silk Rug Cleaning Methods

One of the main problems with using regular cleaning and stain removal products you can buy in stores comes from the type of solvents most of these products contain. These solvents could easily affect and harm the structure of the fibers as well as the luster of the silk rugs, considerably lowering their value.

Our cleaning technicians never work with shampoos and stain removal products that contain harsh chemicals. For the most part of our services, we rely  on 100% safe, eco-friendly cleaning detergents that are safe to use on silk, as well as around children and pets.

We never start to clean a silk rug without first determining its origins, type of weaving and manufacturing, weather machine or manual, the type of dyes that have been used for painting the carpet, the additional fibers and fabrics that are part of the rug, the nature of the visible stains and the degree of deterioration of the fringes or the overall structure of the rug. All of these essential details will help us understand what would be the most suitable course of action.

No matter if you own a Chinese, a Turkish, Persian, Indian, Hareki, hand-knotted rug or a different Quam prayer model, we know just how to tackle every cleaning job for each of these rugs. For instance, Turkish silk rugs are not extremely sensitive to color bleeding when the wet washing technique is used. On the other hand, a Chinese silk rug is usually made from cotton as well, which means a separate cleaning method should be used.

Allow us to use our advanced experience working with all known types of silk rugs and carpets and thoroughly vacuum, wet or dry clean your rugs, remove all the stains and use the best natural drying procedures in the industry. We know how to make the difference between a rug that requires wet washing and one that requires dry washing products, and we have a vast knowledge of what bleach or chlorine could do to a rug made from silk.

Our Silk Rug Cleaners Are Experts In Restorations And Repairs

We also specialize in fixing severely damaged silk carpets that have been affected by the following:

  • prolonged exposure to direct sunlight for a long period of time
  • heavy furniture laying on top of the rugs for many years
  • improper bleach-based cleaning products used at home
  • the use of the wrong wet washing techniques on a carpet that can only withstand dry washing
  • improper restoration and repair techniques

We can restore broken or missing yarn and pile and make sure to color-match the added pieces to bring back your rug to its original aesthetics. We can also restore a rug that has been affected by moths, mold and mildew as a result of a bursting water pipe and replace missing or broken fringes.

Unparalleled Silk Rug Cleaning Prices

We offer free price quotes that will not incur any obligations to you, and we charge some of the most competitive and affordable silk rug cleaning prices in the area.

Get in touch with us now and let us make your precious silk rug look fresh and feel clean at a fraction of the price of buying new rugs!