Viscose Rug Cleaning Services

Area rugs come in many different shapes, sizes, and fabrics, and viscose rugs are some of the softest and most delicate options out there, right next to silk. However, they are less pricier than silk carpets and they have shorter lifespans, as their cleaning and maintenance is a lot more complicated because of the weak fibers they are made from.

The Rug Pro team is familiar with all the ins and outs of what it takes to safely clean a viscose rug, also known as a rayon, bamboo, banana, or art silk rug. Give us a call and allow us to prove to you why we are the number one viscose rug cleaner in town today!


Top Viscose Rug Cleaning & Restoration Solutions

Our IICRC-certified cleaners have been asked to clean and restore thousands of viscose rugs over the years. This has helped them perfect their technique and protocols and come up with the safest and most efficient options in the industry. We are happy to assist you with a complete viscose rug cleaning job or an advanced stain removal solution for pet urine stains. We are just one phone call away and we specialize in the following:

  • viscose rug washing using a special low moisture procedure
  • dry vacuuming using low power options
  • rug assessment and color bleeding test
  • stain removal
  • pet urine and pet waste cleaning
  • fiber weakness testing
  • fabric protector application

Give us a call if you have questions concerning any of these services or allow us to immediately schedule an appointment for you so you can enjoy your gorgeous rugs once again.

Why Is It More Difficult To Clean A Viscose Carpet?

Viscose is a man-made fiber manufactured in dedicated facilities that rely on cotton by-products, different chemicals, and the pulp obtained from wood. The end result is a special type of cellulose that makes the manufacturing, maintenance, and cleaning of these rugs more damaging and complicated, requiring specialized help.

While steam cleaning might be a suitable cleaning method for the majority of area rugs on the market, it may not trigger the desired results for a sensitive viscose rug made from weak cellulose fibers. This is because these fibers cannot withstand high temperatures, steam, hot water, or humidity and will eventually get weaker after each washing cycle. Please keep in mind that even a small accidental liquid spill could damage such a rug if left unattended for a long time.

The right cleaning solutions must be used in order to protect the integrity of the fibers and limit their damage as much as possible. Viscose fibers tend to get twice as weak after each washing cycle, and such a rug usually requires at least a couple of washing procedures in order to remove deeply embedded dirt and older stains.

Viscose is obtained with the help of Carbon Disulfide and other similar toxins which are known to severely pollute the environment once they are disposed of. Unfortunately, most of these rugs reach the landfills once they can no longer be used because of the severe damage they have suffered. This is why it is important to expand the lifespan of these rugs for as long as possible with the help of the right anti-damage cleaning methods.

Fibers made from viscose can only withstand around 70 stretching and pulling attempts. At the same time, a rug made of wool can handle up to 10,000 such attempts, while a silk rug can handle around 2,000 pulling and stretching attempts. Every cleaning session counts and we strongly recommend you to get in touch with us and allow us to prove to you why we are the number one viscose rug cleaner in town.

Our Safe Viscose Rug Cleaning Protocols

Our technicians will either use the low moisture washing method or dry vacuuming that will keep fiber pulling to a minimum and also minimize the damage done to the already extremely weak fibers. At times, both of these cleaning procedures will be used to obtain top results in the case of rugs that have not been cleaned in a long time and which are covered in unsightly stains and dirt.

While we use the most advanced vacuuming cleaners in the industry, we also know how to set them to the lowest suction function to prevent the fibers from getting sucked in and broken.

Washing these rugs using low moisture cleaning products and very small amounts of fresh water will also help us prevent color bleeding incidents, which is another hazard associated with the carpets.


We are also your go-to experts if you are looking for affordable viscose carpet cleaning near me services that can cater to the needs of your colorfully colored carpeting. Most of the dyes in these rugs tend to bleed or run when water touches them, which is why it is important to tackle them using the most suitable washing practices that do not involve the use of a lot of fresh water.

Cleaning a viscose rug also means knowing how to prevent the water, washing liquid or even a small amount of humidity from a steam cleaner from causing the viscose fibers to turn brown or yellow. This occurs as a result of the natural process of oxidization that the cellulose in the fibers is subject to.

Stain Removal Solutions

Whether you are dealing with a fresh liquid spill, a few older food stains, or pet waste spotting, we are here to assist you with the best eco-friendly stain removal products and the most efficient and non-harmful cleaning methods. Fresh spills need to be tackled as soon as possible by immediately blotting them and using the right stain removers suited for the type of stain they need to work against.

Rely on our expertise that helps us always make the right selection for you. We never initiate any stain removal or rug cleaning procedure prior to completing a test on an inconspicuous surface, so rest assured we will never risk damaging your rugs by using inappropriate cleaning methods.

Please keep in mind that these rugs are also subject to frequent crushing and matting risks as a result of the rugs being immersed into water for any amount of time. Even a splash of water could lead to similar effects, so it is mandatory to make sure that the naps will be dried according to their exact needs, in the correct, upwards direction so the rugs can look nice and smooth in the end. Since the fibers are incredibly weak, they cannot spring back in a vertical position on their own. We work with the best viscose rug grooming techniques that help us obtain the exact results that you are looking for.

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